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    error checking and system calls

    I am trying to figure out, how i can find out where system call is made. Ones i figure out where system call is made i want to make sure error checking is done there. I have 3 c files i am working with and i need figure out where the system call is made. How can i test for error or system call is made?

    I have few lines of code below, are these system calls? pipe, dup2?

    if (pipefd[0] == PARSE_USEPIPE) {
    setoutpipe = 1;

    pid = fork();
    if (!pid) { /* child */
    if (setoutpipe) {
    dup2(pipefd[1], 1); /* connect stdout to pipe if necessary */

    if (!setoutpipe && (pipefd[0] > -1)) {
    /* Need to set up an input pipe. */
    dup2(pipefd[0], 0);

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    If you run your program using strace, it will trace and report all system calls to stderror.
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