I use some oddball characters in my programming source files, which are plain text. A good and problematic example is the registration symbol, ASCII 174. Sometimes I can move these files around, sometimes not:

WinSCP can move these to Fedora Core 8 (an Amazon AWS instance, so I cannot do sneaker net with a zip drive) without a problem.

Using a zip drive, files copied either way between Windows (Vista) and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS messes things up. I cleaned them all up (foolishly, it seems) after the first copy (from Win to Ubuntu) but bringing them back they get messed up in that direction as well (the registered symbol character becomes two characters).

Using SCP to copy from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to Fedora Core 8 corrupts those characters.

I did a "verbose" SCP and saw utf-8 mentioned in the output. I am not at all strong on Linux but perhaps that is the problem.

I googled around looking for SCP options that would let me copy from Ubuntu to FC8 (which would be my preferred path) but for the life of me cannot find anything). And with the sneaker net approach also messing with these characters, I suspect it is just an OS configuration option.

Any ideas are welcome. (I cannot work with the files on Windows because some of the tools I use now run only on Linux.)

cheers, kenny