Thought I'd throw these both in the same thread:

#1) I use Virtualmin on my VPS. On the main System Information page, under the Status dropdown, where it lists Apache, Bind, MySQL, etc, lets you restart them, etc... how can you change what's on that list? I've looked through all the Webmin options and can't figure it out! Main reason I ask is that I use Postfix instead of Sendmail, however it's still listing Sendmail on there. It's more of a pet peeve than anything else, simply seeing a stopped service on the main page of Virtualmin every time I load it.

#2) Are there any scripts/etc to kind of "clean up" the Webalizer output? Namely something that would simply add commas to it? It's really frustrating and unappealing to read "43566643" kilobytes, and have to basically count the number places to see how many gigs of data is being transferred. Obviously I'm sure you could edit the perl script manually to do it, but perl isn't really my thing, and that's too much code to go through when there's bound to be an easier way to do it that I'm just not thinking of.