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    [SOLVED] How am I supposed to fix my BIOS?

    Here's the story (and it is a bit of a long post):

    So I've used Ubuntu for quite some time, and I decided to try a more serious distro. I chose Arch. After installing on a VM a couple of times, I decided to go ahead and install Arch on a new partition. When I got to the part in the installer where it put me into cfdisk to set up the partitions on the hard drive, it gave me this error:

    FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 1: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder
    Press any key to exit cfdisk

    I tried a couple of times, and they all failed. So I removed the partition intended for Arch using Gparted. I then did something stupid. I forgot that live CD sessions take a while to shut down, so I forced it to shut down with the power button.

    So this morning, I turned it on and the bios boot-up screen was shifted up and to the left so that about 1/4 of it was out of the screen, and instead of a blue background, it was black. I attempted to boot to a live cd again, but the video out cut out when I got into the boot order menu.

    The two mistakes I see that I did were:
    1. not reviewing partitioning rules as to where the boot sector goes and
    2. forcing a shut down.

    But I don't see how that could have led to a BIOS problem.

    I believe that I'll need to completely reinstall, but how do I do that with my BIOS on the fritz?

    EDIT: changed post title from
    Any guesses at the cause of this problem?
    How am I supposed to fix my BIOS?
    for clarity.
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    I can't see how it could be your BIOS. It sounds to me like your monitor video is out of sync.
    Try adjusting it with adjustment buttons on the monitor and when the screen's squared up again you'll be able to see any error messages.

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    Well, I wasn't quick enough to get to the proper options in the monitor's settings before the video cut out, so I got a 'dumber' 10lb monitor. Worked well.

    Apparently my /boot partition was corrupted because all of the sudden the GRUB boot menu popped up asking me to choose between four different kernels and their fallbacks.

    At this point, I said "Screw it, I'm reinstalling." Also I will never assume I have the nessicary beard power to do what I tried. Well, at least not for a while.

    Thank you , sir and/or madam for your help.

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