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    Help! Audio alert for system log file

    Does anyone know of a program that I could use to alert me when certain changes occur in the system log file. There are two occasions where this would be useful to me: 1) when someone tries to use my mail system as a relay; the log file warns me but I would like to event to general an audio warning; 2) when some access my web server.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Graham. UK

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    I can think of several solutions. I'll present two to you.

    First, you can replace the log files that you want to process with named FIFOs. Then, run this on each FIFO:
    tee -a /path/to/real/log </path/to/fifo | prc
    prc should be replaced with a program that you create to watch the log output. A job for perl, mayhap?

    You could also do this, keeping your current logfiles in place. Run this on each log file:
    tail -f /path/to/log | prc
    prc is the same as above.

    I'd prefer the latter solution, but the former gives a more immediate reply.
    However, do you really want to do this? Especially the web server notification could become very annoying.

    If you want more detailed instructions, just ask again.

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    Thanks! Iwill play around with this.

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