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    Lost conky/desktop theme

    I am trying to find a screenshot of a sick terminal-based desktop and/or conky setup (kudos to that guy).
    I believe I came across it in some obscure forum while messing around with conky, looking for tutorials and .rc's etc about two years ago. But I cannot for the life of me remember the website/ how to find it again.

    the desktop had a bluish background, it a few terminal windows open which had vertical title bars on the left (also blue with white font-color) and orange v-shaped arrows pointing down (maybe minimize buttons?). as far as i can remember it had no panels or gadgets, just the terminal windows and possibly an elaborate conky readout...

    if anyone recognizes the description please let me know, any leads would be useful

    thank you

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    found it...

    FYI found what I was looking for, turns out it was not as flashy as i had though initially. It was not a terminal based desktop at all, nor did it have vertical titlebars. oh well. and apparently it wasn't two years ago either :S

    It was Emerald Theme: Die Hard 4.0 - Matthew Farrel's theme
    posted by code_ninja
    on the neowin forums

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