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    What internet browser

    I tried elinks and links2 as web browsers, and I really liked them except that (at least for me) they do not seem to support any degree of graphics or video - pretty much all I get is text. So right now I use conkeror which I liked better than konqueror, aora, midori, or firefox. Is there a web browser that is configured like elinks or links 2 but that support graphics and video, or is there a way to configure elinks or links 2 so that they support graphics/video. If not, is there a web browser that is like a mix of conkeror and elinks/links2. Or optionally, is there a web browser that you would recommend besides those I listed, Chrome, and of course explorer? Thanks in advance for your input.

    Also - I know that Lynx and Links exist, but have not tried them or read too much about them - could they be what I am looking for?

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    Try this link

    Web Browsers for Linux
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    No text based web browser is going to handle playing video. Links2 can run in a graphical mode and capable of displaying pictures.

    Conkeror is a mozilla based browser with emacs like keybindings, right? There are a few lightweight browsers with vi-like keybindings which might suit your tastes and a few just plain barebones lightweight browsers. They're pretty much all webkit based. A couple options are

    Uzbl - web interface tools which adhere to the unix philosophy.
    surf a WebKit based browser
    Vimprobable WWW browser

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    Thanks for the input everyone. It looks like what I am looking for does not exist yet, that is ok - I will just use Conkeror for now since that is the closest to what I am looking for. Thanks again.

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