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    client side file browser for telnet server

    I got telnet access to my linux based dBox2 TV set. It's hdd stores some videos and about 30 GB of mp3 files. I would like to search, copy, rename and delete files and re-organize folders. I could use ftpExplorer but ftp-ing files from one folder to the other is incredibly slow.

    I would like something like the Midnight Comander running on my (windows) PC connected via telnet. Has this kind of wheel already been invented?

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    Can you install software onto the TV? MC, or any other
    file browser would need to run on the server, not the client.

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    No, there's not enough space for MC. The 8MB sqashfs and 32MB RAM are pretty full already. That's why I'm looking for a client side solution. Some file browser that speaks telnet to the server.

    The TV set is a dBox2 running Neutrino Linux. The Power PC based hardware is about 10 years old but still very popular here in Germany. I personally prefer Neutrino's user interface over VDR and similar systems. There's different Neutrino distributions around that are still maintained by their authors and supporters. The strange thing is that it's got a LIRC controlled file browser built in but there's no telnet interface to it.

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    ps: The built in file browser plugin is called TuxboxCommander, a flavor of Total Commander. I'm trying to find out if I can start it via telnet and deviate the LIRC/screen I/O to the telnet terminal. Any ideas how this could work?

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