Hi, I'm just starting working with rtnet, and I'm having problems while compiling it.
I'm using rtnet 0.9.12 with rtai 3.8.1, in a Kermic Koala with kernel

I need to use rtnet with my Realtek 8169 card, and when I have to modify rtnet's configuration file, If I use the following command:
./configure --with-rtext=/usr/realtime --with-linux=/usr/src/linux- --with-rtext-config=/usr/realtime/bin/rtai-config --with-module-dir=/lib/modules/
it works, but it doesnt load the 8169 driver and I don't know wether there is a way to make load it while using ./configure.

If I use make menuconfig, I can check the 8169 driver option, but at the end of the process, it shows the following error:
checking for RTnet Kconfig file... /usr/src/rtnet/configure: line 11568: .: .rtnet_config: file not found
.rtnet_config (supplied)
checking for RT-extension... configure: error: *** RT-extended kernel not found in

This is novice question and maybe it's visible that I don't have too much experience with Linux too, but I've been searching for some days, so if somebody could give me some help I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!