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    Which linux for a small server ?

    Hello everybody

    I'm currently looking for the best linux OS for a eeepc with not that much of RAM and not a very fast processor, for running a MUD. (and, if it could be, preferably with a low power consumption )

    I need to have a compiler (gcc), to ... err, compile sources of the game (it's C and Lua), I need to have a internet connection for people to connect to the game (via Telnet) and that's it, almost.

    I was looking at Linpus, since it seems to be a very lite version of Linux, but it is also a "desktop" one, not really necessary in my case. I don't even really need a userfriendly graphic interface or anything, just a good "make" and "run" will be enough, I think.

    Do you have any advices ?

    Thanks a lot,

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    don't use linpus

    just about any distro will work, especially command line only, ubuntu server, centos, debian

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    For any server, I normally go with CentOS or Slackware. There are a few differences though. With Slackware, you really have to set things up yourself. I find this convenient sometimes. Occasionally, you need things to be rather specifically tailored to your situation, and in those cases I find it is faster to set it all up yourself than it is to undo other settings. So Slackware is there. If I need a generic web, db, or whatever server... CentOS it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aiseant View Post
    I'm currently looking for the best linux OS for a eeepc with not that much of RAM and not a very fast processor
    Hello and welcome!

    Check the system requirements for each distro that you are considering before installing to make sure your machine meets them. As already indicated above, the non-GUI server options such as debian or ubuntu might work well.

    Best of luck to you with it.

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    Easy Peasy (Ubuntu based) was designed with the eeepc in mind, so every peace of hardware will work, including network. Not sure it has server capabilities on board, but it's easy to install from the repository. If you don't need a GUI, then kill x. Not the software is making your power consumption, but mainly the hardware. And the Atom is one of the most economic CPU,s there is.
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    I run Debian on my EEE-PC 701 server. Use the minimal netinstall CD and it doesn't take much memory or storage to run it. Squeeze runs very well on my EEE-PCs, although I'm using Sid for my 900 which I use as my everyday PC. For a server, though, I prefer stability to having the latest software, so I have Squeeze, which is Debian Stable, on the 701.

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    Salix OS + lxde may be the remedy in your case, peppy and light.

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    I ran DSL (Damn small linux) on a 486 Pentium with 256 MB which worked perfectly.
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    Ok, I tried with Squeeze, to test. And ... .../forum/hardware-peripherals/176263-squeeze-locked-my-usb-key
    Thanks for your help

    ps: add http linux forum address and .html in the url (I cannot post, I'm too young in here)

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