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    cups problems, password neede, no localhost:631

    I still have the same problem when trying to configure my local printer.

    In yast, when I try test print, it says: "cups(File)DoRequest error: client-error-not-authorized".
    In prompt mode yast asks for password but neither root nor user are correct?
    I tried lppasswd. Doesn change much, unfortunatelly.
    When I try to add printer in KDEprint it first says that request is too long and then during the test printing following message apears:

    cupsdoprint -P 'Can' -J 'KDE Print Test' -H 'localhost:631' -U 'root' -o ' multiple-document-handling=separate-documents-uncollated-copies orientation-requested=3' '/opt/kde3/share/apps/kdeprint/' : execution failed with message:

    Perhaps the followning is more important:
    Wneh I try to set up printer in yast prompt mode, when saving the new configuration it says
    "root password for localhost needed"

    I can not also access htpp://localhost:631/ becouse of some access problems.

    May someone give directions.

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    well the proper passwd to use with the cups gui at (localhost:631) is
    user: root
    password: root passwd
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    Basically, Suse has encrypted the root password for CUPS for security reasons.

    You can find the link on Suse site or I think it's been posted here a while back.

    *edit* just noticed your lppassword.

    Did you do

    lppasswd -g sys -a root

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    I tried but the message is "Could not connect to remote server"
    I also tried lppasswd with that parameters. No change.


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    pksa, sounds like cups isn´t running.


    ps aux and see if the cupsd daemon is running.

    If not start it from the Yast control centre or type cupsd.
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