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Thread: fsck recovery

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    fsck recovery

    Hey guys, so yesterday I did something really stupid, I wiped the partition table and then proceeded to format the wrong drive with ext3. As it went along I realized that I had done this on the wrong drive so I Crtl-C out

    I ran testdrive and found a backup superblock then let fsck go at it. It of course found a bunch of bad inodes and fixed them etc. Now I have some of my data in renamed directories under lost+found but I also have a whole bunch of files that are 6.2Gig and 2.6Gig each. Anyone know if there is anything I can do with those? The rest of my data must be in those files but I haven't a clue what to do with them.

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    could you please post its file type ?
    file large_6.2gbfile
    file large_2.6gbfile
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