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    bash & konsole not wrapping customized prompts correctly

    Anyone else out there running into issues with customized prompts (in .bashrc) and konsole not wrapping commands correctly?

    If I run a empty .bashrc, and I use the standard system prompt, any commands typed into konsole prompt will wrap correctly at the limit of the window width. As expected, you can easily navigate w/in the line, from beginning to end, and the cursor tracks appropriately.

    As soon as i run anything a customized prompt, in .bashrc, the cursor hard-wraps at about 80% of konsole window, and then it starts on the origin of the same line, overwriting the prompt in place, rather than starting a new line, and allowing cursor tracking. If you start typing once you move the cursor, the lines start to track upwards on the screen, with a redraw that overwrites previous data, not scrolling.

    This is more of a nuisance than a hindrance, but anyone out there fought with this in the past?
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    I'm not sure if I have experienced exactly the same problem, but try hitting CTRL+L if it wraps incorrectly to clear the screen and see if that cleans up the buffer. That might not be the most elegant solution, though.

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    for all my customized bash prompts I always add a default linefeed after my custom prompt to have an empty line for all system output

    then you also may try to restart bash anew, simply enter

    bash (on every open terminal)

    to activate any new / clean bashrc.local

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