I've been having some issues with device detection that I was hoping someone could either clarify or help me resolve.

After the kernel loads but before the root device is mounted (assuming separate boot/root partitions), is there a way to allow alternate devices to temporarily mount on the pre-root system? An example would be if you wanted to load a kernel module from an SD card before mounting the root drive. This would need to be an intermediary between initfs and exec switch_root.

Ideally you could do it by uuid, but I don't know which tools you would have to put into the initfs before uuids would be detected and added to /dev/.

if [ -e '/dev/disk/by-uuid/{uuid}' ];then
mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/{uuid} /repair
for i in $(ls /dev/|grep sd);do /repair/integritycheck.sh $i;done