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    Permissions can't be changed on mounted Fat32 USB HDD

    I'm new to Linux but have a little experience with it, using UBUNTU 11.04, I have an external 1TB USB HDD mounted to this computer which is running dual boot with Windows7. The HDD is formatted FAT32 and I've set the share options but the permisions for allowing others to access it say NONE and cannot be changed. my other UBUNTU 11.04 computer can see the ShareName that I set for my HDD and even individual files on my usb HDD that I've shared but it is unable to access them. Error recieved: unable to mount location - Failed to mount windows share. I formatted a thumbdrive to ext3 and was able to change permissions and my other computer accesses it just fine.

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    Other Threads seem close to this but not quite the same thing, in my research FSTAB is not for removable data and I am unfamiliar with how to run CHMOD 777, I don't know what it does, and have heard that it doesn't fix my issue anyways

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    FAT32 doesn't understand the concept of permissions. FAT was originally developed in a single user world so they were not really necessary.

    Can you open a terminal and post the output of the following commands here:

    sudo fdisk -l
    That's a small L and
    cat /etc/fstab

    I can't remember where the terminal is in Ubuntu, but it's probably under either Accessories or System Tools.
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