Hi there,

I'm configuring a dedicated server that is supposed to host Web sites with PHP, MySQL, etc...

I've been playing with Webmin and managed to configure the backup system, writing the result files in a folder I created (/sysback).

I have added 3 scheduled backups:


Each one with a different filename and time to run.

I have also configured the "configuration file backup" system in Webmin.

Now my question is. Is this enough? Is this the right way to do MySQL database and/or website backups? If not, is there a better way of saving all this data?

I mean, I want to have a file or set of files that works in case that I reinstall the server or something goes wrong, just restoring it. Do I need more files/folders for MySQL?

On a similar topic... is there any other file/folder that would be recommended to backup?

I though on adding a "/" folder backup (this is, WHOLE filesystem), maybe once a month. But maybe this is insane?

Thanks in advance, from a newbie "server administrator".