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    Distro for my old laptop

    Hi. I found an old laptop, AMD 133Mhz, 32Mb RAM, 1Gb HDD. I would like to install some linux distro there but I'm thinking about some graphical enviroment. Do you think that fe. xfce can run on this? I would like to gove it to my mother with some application for textwriting. Any suggestions?

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    That's a pretty old system. It might be hard to get X to run on it. I would try Slackware, it seems to be the best with old hardware. If the laptop has a bootable CD drive, you can thow a copy of Slax in there to see how it preforms. Try to increase the RAM to as much as the board can handle--that will help. I hear Debian runs nicely on old hardware as well, but I've found Slackware to be faster. I love Debian, don't get me wrong, it is what I run on my desktop--I'm just sayin' is all...

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    There's a version of slackware called Vector Linux that is made to run on old laptops, works pretty well...I got regular slack on an older laptop and with a large swap and fluxbox it runs really well!

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