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    mount DVD differently?

    Hey all,
    I'm not real sure where to post this, so feel free to move it if needed.

    A while back i had tarred up one of my backup drives and put it on a DVD. Today when i went to reset the data after wiping the drive clean and merging it to a bigger partition i ran into some odd trouble.

    I mounted the drive as i would any other disk
    mount /media/cdrom0
    as root, and it mounted fine.

    the df command showed that the disk was the correct size (about 4 gigs) but when i ls -l 'ed it showed that the tar file was only about 60 mb.

    I thought... well maybe its just showing up wrong so i tried to untar it and got an unexpected eof error.

    "Great " i thought.... "I burnt a coaster then deleted the data... nice work on not checking it before wiping the data dumbass..."

    But before pitching the disk i booted into windows to see if it could read the disk. It did... and it read the tar file to be the correct size.... I copied it to a shared folder and booted back into linux. Debian now sees the correct size of the copied file... but still the file on the dvd reads 60 mb.

    I was able to untarr the file that i copied from windows without a problem.

    for reference:
    I'm using Debian's latest stable 2.4 kernel
    the dvd was burnt using k3b on 2x

    I'm wondering if there are some options needed to mount a large capacity disk of data?

    If anyone could shed some light, i'd be very happy

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    I'm not sure about this, but some filesystem wont be able to detect 4.**Gb file size to too table limitation (ex: FAT32)... now what filetype is a cd? I dont know but that "could" be the issue
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