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    Exclamation Final year/course project for an undergraduate degree in CS, advice

    Hi to all!

    Premise: I should start working at the final course project for my undergraduate degree course in Computer Science
    (I know... this is usually one of the most hated kinds of topic, I'm sorry and I beg your pardon, but, please keep reading... please)

    My field of interested is almost everything concerning Linux/Unix and system administration in general.
    Firewall rules, system/server administration/configuration, hardening a system and so on.
    In the future I'm looking forward to a job as a system administrator (with time, efforts, and job experience obvioiusly!)

    Anyway, I'm not very interested in coding and programming stuff (and I'm not so good at it, either).

    So a project in the Linux/Unix/System Administration field will be useful for my future (I hope).
    A project involving coding, programming will not.
    Scripting and bash scripting is ok, though (the same for everything about CLI, editing configuration files.....).

    My ideas: hardening a Linux system; Snort; something about VPN; Linux Cluster; configuring some specific server/service
    IMO they are useful topics (you can learn a lot working on these) but I feel they are too general and maybe a bit outdated

    What I'm NOT looking for:
    - I'm NOT looking for anyone else to do my "homeworks" (or job) for me

    What I'm looking for:
    - some advice to "tune up", to narrow, and to update maybe, my ideas
    - other ideas, suggestions (maybe related to more "up to date" topics)
    - some help to avoid a silly/too easy or, on the other hand, impossible topic

    I know that the quick response is always: talk to you tutor/professor/whatsoever, the problem is that lots of professors at my University currently work with temporary jobs for one year only so they are not interested in this kind of things. The tutoring system is almost non-existent.
    (yeah... strange, odd, weird, almost unbelievable... I know, I know
    but sadly true)

    Any serious help will be really really much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    The tools are there to build intrusion detection systems - something that every Linux server should be running. Doing that in a robust, yet non-intrusive to regular processing tasks of the system, would be, in my opinion, a worthwhile project that touches on most every aspect of system administration, process monitoring, user control and feedback, etc. Good luck in your career track.
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