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    Automounting Removable Drives

    I know that there have been posts on here and elsewhere about how to auto mount removable drives, but a lot of them seem to be deprecated. I was wondering what the best way to this would be. I'd also like to do it without gui intervention, and (if possible) without HAL, which I believe is deprecated. Thanks.


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    What Linux Distribution+Version are you using? HAL is still used in most current distributions.
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    Depends on file manager also. I have my motorcycle shop desktop setup with only Rox File Manager and did some tweaking to auto mount any external removable drive in /media without using hal.

    Script: devmon IgnorantGuru's Blog
    If you are using any other file manager like pcmanfm, dolphin,nautilus or thunar in conjunction with rox. This will not work for you.

    Edit: For KDE or Gnome (I run Fluxbox) this is from the Arch Linux wiki link I posted.

    Simply install UDisks:
    pacman -S udisks
    and all your media should be auto mounted in GNOME and KDE SC 4.6. There is no need for any additional rules this way. As an extra bonus you can remove HAL if you were only using that for auto mounting purposes.
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    I am using Gentoo (everything is updated as of a day or two ago) with thunar as a file manager, but would like automounting to be independent of the file manager if at all possible. (I am currently using thunar and its volume manager because it's simple to set up.)

    I am aware that HAL is available, but it is being phased out (to be replaced by dbus I believe?) and I would like to have a

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