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Thread: Ipaq desktop

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    I made a 1GB Debian USB drive with the unetbootin. And it works on my main desktop. But not on the ipaq.

    So I tried it again, and again, and again, and...... you get the point.

    I then googled it and according to this website:
    HP Communities - IPAQ Desktop USB boot question - Enterprise Business Community
    Ipaqs can't boot from USB....

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    Ok, so it won't install or run Xubuntu either. It just sits there at the loading page then goes black.

    It passed the HD test from partedMagic, and I am doing a RAM test right now.

    I am going to try booting up a puppy linux CD and wiping out the HD, and then trying to install Debian again. If that still doesn't work then I will try installing puppy to the HD and see if that changes it any.

    If that still doesn't work then I am going to change the HD and see if that works.

    Any ideas?

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    If Debian is really what you're looking to try, you might be interested in the Net install: Debian -- Network install from a minimal CD

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    I already tried the netinstall CD, that was the second thing I did after the regular CD and DVD didn't work.

    Thanks though

    Any other ideas? I am downloading the new Puppy linux 5.3 slacko right now and will try erasing the HD or something with that.

    Puppy linux works, but nothign will install on it besides that. It still flickers.

    I replaced the 20GB HD it had with a different 20GB HD and it still flickers.

    Next is to try installing puppy linux and seeing if it will let me install that way. Then maybe try a different distro.

    Puppy runs fine, I wonder if Debian and Xubuntu are too much for this computer somehow?
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    I tried installing debian once again, and I went to the help screen to see if I could change the framebuffer. I ended up at a screen that said "press space to exit, or enter to install" Or something similar. I pressed enter and now I think Debian is installing

    Debian was installed correctly Like it so far, I am using the XFCE one
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    Ok, so after all these failed attempts at getting an OS on this computers, I finally got one working decently.

    Debian would never work with internet, openBSD wouldn't show anything, and now arch is on it.

    I installed arch, and to my surprise there was no graphical desktops So I installed XFCE and all the add ons and everything for my video and everything. It works now and I have some text editors on it.

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