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    help using win inside virtualmachine

    here is a odd question. i have ubuntu11.10 on my laptop and am trying to put winxp pro(32bit) in virtual box. my issue is the microscrap xp is running slugish(super slugish) as heck. i aloud 1gb ram and dedicated 1cpu to the vm. its a newer dell inspiron i need to be able to watch my netflix on via hdmi. its looking like win doesn't recognize my graphics card or something =(.

    Dell INSPIRON M5010
    AMD Phenom II N850 tripple core
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
    4gig ddr3 memory

    (also, i noticed running linux inside virtualbox on a windows computer runs flawlessly, but running win inside linux blows xD)

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    It's a VM and will not see your "graphics card."

    Google "virtualbox guest additions."

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    lol ty very much man.

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    Also, make sure you have enabled the virtual extensions in the BIOS, otherwise it will do all software virtualization, instead of using the CPU hardware acceleration that the VT-x extensions provide. As HROAdmin26 said, you also need to install the guest additions, otherwise the VM just seems to have a standard vga display. With the guest additions, you will get the full resolution that your hardware supports. I run XP Pro (SP3) in a VM and it gives me the full 1920x1200 resolution of the screen I put it on (I have a dual display setup). Finally, if you can, give the VM 2GB of RAM instead of 1, otherwise you will probably be hitting the Windows swapper too much, again causing a serious performance hit.
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