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    Bacula tape backup

    Does anybody can guide me to configure bacula with the following scenario.

    I have the latest version of bacula installed and the server is connected to HP MSL tape library. The tape library test has been passed and I am able to read and write files to the tape. I need to backup around 20 servers to the tape drive , full backup on monthly basis , differential weekly and incremental daily. One tape should be enough to hold the backup of a month (daily inc, weekly diff, and monthly full). I would like to automate it in a way that Bacula makes a full backup , say 1st friday of every month and incremental daily and differential weekly to the same tape until the end of month. Once the month is over or the next full backup time reached it should eject this tape to the mail slot and auto load another available tape.

    Does anyone has similar scenario working?


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    Bacula is more than capable of doing that, its all in the documentation. I know setting it up is daunting, but trust me: bacula is well documented.

    One piece of advice: make sure you rotate your tapes. I've had problems in the past with that.
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    If you have any important data to backup I strongly suggest to reconsider your backup schedule.

    Everything on 1 tape is NOT a good idea for multiple reasons:
    - all backup data is on 1 tape. This means if the tape is damaged or corrupted you have no backup
    - you leave the tape in your tapedrive for a month? What about external disasters, like fire? You will end up with nothing.

    In order to have a decent backup schedule, _at least_ have a tape for every (working) day.

    A decent schedule for me was: 4 daytapes (mo to thu), 4 weektapes (every FRI), 12 monthtapes, 1 yeartape
    That makes 20 operational tapes and 1 tape for every year for archive.

    Don't forget: a backup procedure is as good as it's recovery procedure...

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