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    Usability rant about KDE/Linux

    after using KDE 3.3 on Linux intensively for the past weeks something that I'm really starting to get pissed off about is:

    You can't manipulate files from file selection dialog boxes.

    For example, if I am in the Gimp and I select file -> open and I find a file, but I want to move the file to another folder first, or I want to rename it, I can't select and make this change directly from the file selection box (like in Windows, and Mac also I believe). Instead I have to open a file explorer and do it from there, or the command line.

    This might not seem like a big issue, but when you're working intensively for several hours with close to a 100 files (web design), these little things add up to better productivity.

    *rants and raves some more* .. anyway, are there any solutions to this?

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    Sorry, but Gimp is not part of kde and it is not even written using kde libraries - it was created with a toolkit called GTK (the Gimp Tool Kit). In KDE applications you can usually do the things you've described. Why they didn't implement such features in gtk is a mistery for me - perhaps lack of time, certainly not lack of abilities. As a dubious consolation I can tell you that those dialogs where even worse in previous major version of GTK.
    When it comes to productivity in such mundane tasks as moving files, you'd better got interested in command line, which perhaps is ugly but deadly effective.
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