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    Windows / Linux - Open / Save File Functionality

    For all I know, perhaps it's a patent / copyright issue.

    I started out using Windows. Now, I move back and forth
    from Windows (work) to Linux (Home). What I've noticed is
    that there doesn't seem to be any file management capabilities from the Open / Save options within programs.

    In Windows, it's possible to copy / delete / run / edit files from within the Open / Save Window saving a trip to Windows Explorer (in Linux: Nautilus / Dolphin or other comparable File Management apps).

    I miss that Windows functionality and wonder if it's at all available in Linux, if so how, what application, script, or command helps meet that purpose or is it just unavailable?

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    That is an interesting question. I work on Win XP at work but never use that feature. I have always made it a habit to use Explorer to find the file and let it open in the appropriate application. In looking into your question, I did some Linux distro hopping to see what I could find. The short answer is that it depends on your Linux distro and the program you are running. Some allow file management functionality from the "File>Open" menu and some don't. By and large, most don't. Testing using Libre Office or Open Office and Gedit or Kwrite on a variety of distros, here is what I found:
    Ubuntu - no file management on either
    Fedora 16 w/Gnome 3.2 - no file management
    Mint LMDE - also no
    SuSE 12.1 KDE - Yes on both
    BSD - No on Open Office and yes on Gedit

    Looking a little closer at KDE, since that seems to be the desktop that has some promise, I tried a few other programs:
    Firefox - no
    Chromium - yes
    Gimp - no

    Not sure if that is helpful, but there-you-have-it. It looks like KDE may be your way to go, although you won't have that functionality in all programs. I can't say I have any good ideas to help meet that purpose other than my technique, which is to just keep my file manager running all the time and alt>tab to it when I need to navigate to a file.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Thanx, that helps.

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