I have Mandrake server and I've installed egroupware1.0 in it. everything is working perfect except few which i am listing below :
I have 5 users and 1 admin - user1, user2, user3 .....

1. user1 posts an article in the knowledgebase, no issues, he can view the articles which he has posted, but none of the users including Administrator can view the articles which user1 has posted, unable to search also... search gives nothing.

2. I am trying to do a daily back (tar.gz) under Backup administration, I am unable to check "Check to create backups of your data" if i check this checkbox and click save it gives me an error " Error: Please enter the path of the needed applications in *Site configuration* !"
I need a daily backup as tar file generated automatically.

can anyone please advise me on this ? any help would be highly appreicated ??