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    LiveCD with POS Software?

    Hello Linux Forums Users!

    I need to make a LiveCD to boot into my GTK2 application for demonstration or installation.

    Here we go...

    - Window manager

    I think the best option is Stacking WM, because the application have other windows and it can overlap.
    The WM needs to be configurable in a simple way, i just want the application window, no bars.
    What should I use?

    - LiveCD
    I'm thinking of using Ubuntu Alternate CD to customize.
    What tool should I use? Remastersys ?

    I found this Building Your Own Live CD, i know this is old but... is it an option?

    Is there other ways to 'build' the LiveCD?

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    1. Icewm

    IceWM is a stacking window manager for the X Window System graphical infrastructure, written by Marko Maček.

    Me. I run Antix. Though I have never made a spinoff live cd.
    There is a Antix core iso available also .

    core uses Debian Stable repos.
    Base and Full iso uses Debian Testing repos.

    How to run script in Antix.
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    Thanks, i'll try...

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerum View Post
    Thanks, i'll try...
    Bookmarked it. i'll try it later.

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