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    need help figuring out what the space delimitor is in this text file

    This is homework. I know the rules, and they state not to post homework. But im not looking for the answer, just an explanation and its only a minor thing I have to figure out to actually start the homework, so any help would be appreciated.

    I need to figure out what the 'sensible' delimitor is that separates one quote from the next.

    This is the a file in unix shell

    Here is a piece of the text and thanks again

    "Irrigation of the land with seawater desalinated by fusion power is ancient.
    It's called 'rain'."
    -- Michael McClary, in alt.fusion
    "The bad reputation UNIX has gotten is totally undeserved, laid on by people
    who don't understand, who have not gotten in there and tried anything."
    -- Jim Joyce, former computer science lecturer at the University of California
    "We scientists, whose tragic destiny it has been to make the methods of
    annihilation ever more gruesome and more effective, must consider it our solemn
    and transcendent duty to do all in our power in preventing these weapons from
    being used for the brutal purpose for which they were invented."
    -- Albert Einstein, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, September 1948
    "You can have my Unix system when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers."
    -- Cal Keegan
    We'll be more than happy to do so once Jim shows the slightest sign
    of interest in fixing his proposal to deal with the technical
    arguments that have *already* been made. Most engineers have
    learned there is little to be gained in fine-tuning the valve timing
    on a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine when the pistons
    and crankshaft are missing...
    -- on NANOG
    It's always sad when the fleas leave, because that means your dog is dead.
    -- Wesley T. Williams

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    the question you ask does not have much to do w/programming. look at it from a common sense perspective. first identify all the quotes in the text (and related authors). then see what separates them. for a delimiter to work, by definition, it would have to be a character unique to delimiting; that is, it does not appear in any other context.

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