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    Searching for all files containing text: "..."

    What is the best program to search files with "content"?
    Maybe its not a question for this forum..
    Linux should be great in this kind of searching (but i was using it only for searching text in single files).

    What is the best program (for Windows:PP) to search files with "..." content?
    I searched for *.pdf files containing "blkid" word (to see more info and examples of using it, than man and pinfo gives) in a folder with redhat docs (all pdf files from www).
    Win+F searching in this case didnt find any file.
    FreeCommander found only
    But, of course, this word is also in
    which i checked after opening in foxit reader.

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    are you trying to search the contents of PDF files? if so, try the utility pdftotext. use it like this:

    pdftotext /path/to/guide.pdf - | grep "string_to_search"
    note the "-" switch after the PDF filename, you need it to tell the utility to send the converted text to standard out (the terminal, which you pipe to grep), and not to a file.

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    Thx for info about searching in linux.
    I changed (what was not recommended) the value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.pdf\PersistentHandler key to {5e941d80-bf96-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb} and windows search found 1, the same file like Free Commander and Total Commander.
    The great free program is "Agent Ransack". Result: about 20 pdf files. Possible multiple "values" for locations to search( ; ), file name/type( ; ), text phrases( OR ).

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    looking back at your OP, if you are searching for a literal '...' in a file (or standard input), escape the dots, as grep will interpret a dot as a wildcard that matches any character, e.g.:

    grep '\.\.\.' file_to_search.txt

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