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    Extract Linux Uimage/rootfs

    Could someone help me open these ARM linux images? They don't seem to be compressed with the usual g-zip.



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    The uImage file is probably just a binary kernel, (and endianness could be big or little).

    The RootFS might just be a image file, but formatted with a filesystem that you need to know, in order to mount it, e.g.:

    mount -t cramfs -o loop rootfs /mnt
    I'm not saying it is a cramfs filesystem, that is just a common one, with embedded Linux devices. actually, even more common nowadays is jffs2. you'd need the right tools/libs installed to be able to muck with that file.

    Your best bet is to use the dev tools / environ that are provided by the vendor of the device for which these files were originally created.

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    Well its an embedded system but turns out they're encrypted with a 128bit key stored in the OTP section of the chip so I wont be getting in to them any time soon!
    Thanks for your help though.

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    Had another look at the rootfs and binwalk comes back with:

    1707175 0x1A0CA7 Windows CE RTOS
    7839098 0x779D7A gzip compressed data, has comment, comment, encrypted, last modified: Wed Oct 14 21:20:02 2026

    is there anyway I can open this?

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