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    For and While loops via command line

    I can't seem to find the correct syntax here. So I know how to do a for loop but how do I do an if statement in there or a while statement. For example, I work in storage and our controllers run linux if I want to do a test using a customer python script I can do the following to reset ports on a specific node

    for i in `seq 4`; do fc_port_reset fc_port=1:fc_port:4:$i; done

    However what if I want to make that 4 a variable and go all the way to 9? How do I do multiple variables as well as make a statement that says don't go past 9. I know logically I would do the following. But how would I express them in a command line loop?
    int i = 1;
    int x=4;
    while x < 10; do fc_port_reset fc_port=1:fc_port:i;if i < 5 i++ else i=1; x++; done

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't understand where an if is necessary, at least based upon what you say you want. if you want to go to 9, and not go past 9, then just do `seq 1 9`.

    or if you want to make it a variable:

    for i in `seq 1 $x`; do

    but if you don't use $x again elsewhere, why do you want it to be a variable?

    perhaps you should spell out exactly what you want your script to do.

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