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    Linux Live CD thats boots from a DVD+RW/+R (DLA)???

    There are tons of bootable live CDs being created for linux on DistroWatch...

    I am curious, are any of them planning on making a bootable DVD+RW/+R for Linux that allows you to save configuration data and install programs on it by writing to a RE-WRITEABLE DVD ?

    just curious. thanks.

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    that is somewhat of an idea, but could be tough to do, as writing to DVDs and CDs is not as easy as saving something on hard drive. What you might want to do is get a LiveCD distro that can boot from a USB key, ex. MandrakeMove.

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    it ould be "impossible" to write to a liveCD... since everytime you would edit a config, it would have to know which one to use, fragentation, would be instent.... lots of downside
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    I don't if you could do it with a DVD+RW/DVD-RW, but you might be able to with a specially set-up multi-session CD-RW...
    cdrecord, or one if utilities, has the ability to delete/overwrite just the last session of the disc, so if you found a way to symlink the config files to that session, you could rewrite it. It'd be slow though, not for changing frequently back and forth. But I don't see why not.
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    I think this will be something to look for in the future as the kernel's packet writing becomes more stable.
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    something like this has NOW been done! i believe its called "Union File System"

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