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    Windows 7 installation screwed

    Hey y'all, fellow lovers of open source. I'm quite interested in making a 100% move to either Linux Mint or Ubuntu, but not exactly ready yet (games and all, though Steams port to Linux is making the prospect more promising). So I've been messing around, installing Ubuntu 12.04 and LiveCDing Mint 13 and I kinda messed up my Window installation...

    Basically, when you've booted Mint theres a nice feature wherein you can install the os on your actual computer with dualbooting (Grub I guess)... and ever since I made a new /dev/sda thingy with all that spare disk space Windows it comes with those dreaded words of 'Insert Windows installation disk or repair disk, cause you ****ed up Windows' (or something like that anyway). Problem is, I never could be bothered to make one of those repair disks and when I bought this laptop it already had Windows 7 on it, plus I really don't want to bother my parents on getting some professional help.

    So what I'm asking for is a method to maybe work around what Windows is telling me and fix everything. I can see all the files on my installation still intact while looking around on my folders, so there's hope. Truth be told I was pretty tired of the Mint installation failing me (Ubuntu's easier, heh, and my uncle gave me an already prepared installation disk for 10 ages ago which I just updated) and what may of caused this problem was when I selected the mount point to '/home'... and even then the installation failed someway or another, but thats for another day.

    Right now my computer has Ubuntu 10.04 (I tried the installation on that disk again, but not using it because it doesn't work with my wireless router being so old) and of course that broken Windows 7, with me right now on a Linux Mint LiveCD (or I should say USB, same thing?), and right now I'd want to focus on getting Windows back up and running, without using a disk. I'm hoping there are people who've already had the same problem with me but hacked around and found a way to resolve it.

    If it's worth anything, my computer is a HP Pavilion dv6 something or another- I don't really know how to find my specs. And the 'status' of that Windows repair screen was 0xc0000225. Looking at GParted, some partition thingy program, I have 4 of those sda partition thingys.

    TL;DR I jumped in a bit too deeply with Linux as a noob. Thanks in advance, please tell me if you need any more info. Sorry about wasting your times, guys and gals, I'm simply a 14 year ol' attempting to hack around with Linux. Hopefully the next time I get a time off school I can attempt to make full use of a Linux distro with all the programs I want (and try out Wine), and goddamnit change me CPU usage, cause right now I have to use an external fan to keep my laptop cool.
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    So to summarise:

    You installed Linux alongside Windows.
    Linux boots
    Windows doesn't

    Is that correct?
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    I *tried* to install Linux Mint, succesfully did it (but had to skip the boot loader bit, that didn't work out) and yeah, Windows told me off. Then I installed Ubuntu, just to try and get another OS on my computer, I did say quite a lot, haha, sorry 'bout that.

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    If you can boot Ubuntu, log on and go to the site below and download and run the bootinfoscript from that site and "read the instructions" first. There is a link in the Description box. After running it, you will get a file named results.txt which you can post here. It will provide detailed boot information and partiiton information and someone may be able to help you. Based on the information you posted. it's pretty hard to determine what happened? If you have overwritten your windows boot files somehow, you will need a windows installation disk to repair that. If you had made the recovery disk when you first got the computer, you would be able to restore it to the original. If you bought the computer from a major retailer (HP, Dell, Compaq) you should be able to buy an installation disk from them for a minimal cost, $15 - $25 USD.

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