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    Problem mounting exotic files system (SSP v 7.1)

    Well I know this is a very odd question, but I am trying to mount drives from SSP (System Support Program circa 1986), in order to restore some of the files. I Was curious if anyone knows the file format or has come across the issue... honestly ever.
    We had the system drive crash but the data is still on these drives, and there is a possibility that if we reinstall the OS it will re-initialize the drives (according to our SSP expert). I am mirroring the drives with DD as we speak, but I would like to get this off of the SSP and have a copy of the files in linux. I also understand that these are not flat text files, but may be packed data. I haven't dealt with it but I know the concept is a relic of punch cards, but if anyone knows how to convert that data after mounting that would be great as well.
    I'm running blind here and I wasn't able to find the answer on the boards (any of them)... probably because this is exotic as hell (at least now-a-days). You guys have been helpful as heck in the past and I appreciate it. Thank you for all of the help in advance.
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    Judging by the date you have given, your SSP was probably running on an IBM System/36. This company may be of interest to you; they have a suite of programs called Infinite 36 used to migrate System/36 applications to Redhat Linux and a few other OSs. Infinite Corporation - AS 400, Mainframe, Migration, Modernization, BI and SOA implementing for Legacy Systems

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