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    Difference between IDE drive and flash to IDE connector?

    Hi all,

    Got a weird one for you that I've come across while building and deploying an application onto compact flash.

    I put the flash in an IDE to CF adaptor and into a removable IDE HDD carrier connected to hda. I copy my image onto the drive and make a boot floppy so that I can boot it, run lilo and complete the install.

    Now with the same removable IDE HDD (containing the CF) connected to hda on the target, I boot from the floppy and successfully run lilo with no errors. If I remove the boot floppy and reboot the machine it all works, beautiful!

    However, if I now remove the CF from the HDD carrier and place it in a IDE to CF adaptor directly on the hda connector lilo fails - lilo prompt flashes up and then causes a reset. In my mind this setup is identical to the previous setup (and both drives are set up to be the primary master), so what am I missing??

    This problem is driving me nuts because it makes no sense! Any suggestions are welcome.


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    Is the IDE cable a 40 wire or 80 wire cable? Is the removable HD case ulta 66 or ulta 100?

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    I've done a bit more investigating now and it seems its actually a problem with the Compact Flash. We've recently changed from an old SanDisk to their latest release version and it seems they've changed the size (lost 32K on a 64MB flash) and added a new controller. The funny thing is I'm wondering if its a timing problem since if I put a short (10cm) ribbon cable inbetween it always works, take it out and it fails. I've also heard the new SanDisk CF's use DMA which can cause grief. I've tried disabling it in Lilo with "ide=nodma" but it didn't help. Have just asked SanDisk and waiting for a response.

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