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    Open Audio Cd and Play with ncmpcpp

    Hello folks!
    I've been using ncmpcpp for quite sometime now and it has now become my main form of playing music on my linux box. However, I have reached a road bump. As seen that audio cd's can't be mounted using the standard iso9660 file system type I have no idea how to open audio cd's in linux, let alone play them using ncmpcpp. How does one do this?

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    I think that you'd need mpd configured to serve your Audio CD, as ncmpcpp is just an mpd client. This thread gives a brief discussion and one person's solution:

    Aside: ncmpcpp earns the award for worst software name ever...

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    THanks! I got it to work!
    For the record:
    1. get the parameters to mount the cdrom with
     gvfs-mount -l
    2. mount the disk
     gvfs-mount cdda://sr0
    with the proper parameters found in step 1
    3. create a symbolic link inside your
    which is found in ~/.mpdconf to the location of the mount point of the cdrom
    4. open ncmpcpp and press "u" to update the music directory

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    Quote Originally Posted by theNerd247 View Post
    THanks! I got it to work!
    that's good. thanks for posting your specific steps.

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