Alright, so this is a weird one. I thought about posting this on a VMware forum or a LDAP forum, but I figured that people here are smarter and have a more diverse background. Here's what I'm trying to do. I have VMware Server 2.0 installed on a Windows 2K3 Server. Inside, I have several instances of Ubuntu (speficically Backtrack). Right now, each instance has its own separate user accounts, passwords, and home folders. These passwords are separate from the AD environment at my work. This is obviously not ideal.

What I would LIKE to do is somehow set up an Ubuntu server to make an LDAP or similar connection to the VMware Server authentication mechanism and pull the credentials/users in the VMwareAdmins group on the local box. Then, I can use these accounts to make roaming profiles using AutoFS.

Here's the rub, though: I can't connect to my corporate domain because that would take a huge approval process and change controls, and that effort is substantial. Also, yes, I know that VMware Server is deprecated, but it is the only free type-2 hypervisor that fits our needs presently.

I see two possibilities. Can I point my VM server directly at the host machine and query just the VMwareAdmins group without using a domain? If not, does VMware Server provide a virtual AD service for the guest OSs to authenticate to based on the VMwareAdmins group?

PS - I'm no domain admin, and I've never really done much with DCs. In that regard, kindly assume that I'm an idiot.