I work at a small college in the IT department, and of course we have a lot of old computers laying around that are all the same. I want to build a Linux Cluster and I have done some preliminary research online, but I still have some questions before I begin. I plan on working on the project after work hours for fun.

1. Would I have access to the processing power on all the machines? If program A is running would it have access to the ram and processing power of the other machines? Example if I was running a game or a virtual machine would it be shared over all the machines/nodes?

2. What Linux distribution is the best to use, of course I would like to use Ubuntu. Then add in the necessary software.

3. Also I plan on using some cisco switches we have laying around. However I will not be able to connect the machines to the lan. Is there way to have wireless connected to the master node and still have the other nodes connect back to the mast with cisco switch?

4. If I cannot do as in question one would the next alternative be to use something like Proxmox and manage multiple virtual machines on the nodes?

If you need more information let me know and Iíll try to add more explanation.