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    Mapping Text Stream To and From /dev/ttyS0

    I'm looking for some guidance. I have a terminal that is missing important ascii characters, like | { } ~ and `, plus all the lowercase characters, basically everything from h60 to h7E. I can set the stty iuclc and olcuc settings to map the uppercase to lowercase and vice versa. The problem is | { } ~ and ~, and mapping an uppercase letter to uppercase when needed while iuclc is on.

    I'm looking for an easy way to, map the io stream on dev/ttyS0 for those characters. So from the terminal I might type \7E to get a } to be sent, and when a } is seen in the text going to the terminal, I want a \7E sent.

    It might not be the same mapping each way, and I may want to do this for more than one /dev/ttyS0. I know I can do this with hardware, but I was hoping I could find a software solution.

    Is there a program or module that can do this, so the whole session over /dev/ttyS0 is being mapped? Is there a module in the kernel I can patch to accomplish this, triggering this mapping based on a $TERM environment variable setting. I'm skilled in Perl, if that helps.

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