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    Quote Originally Posted by WhitePhoenix View Post
    when you are logged out in the middle of composing a post, it stops auto saving it. I was only able to rescue the last two lines that needed to be edited. The last paragraph is gone.
    The default timeout for logins with vBulletin forum software is 15 minutes. That's because forums such as this one are meant for fairly short but precise questions and answers. The timeout on this site was adjusted to 20 minutes some time back, but no matter how long you set it for, the timeout can become problematic for some users. As suggested above, using a text editor to compose anything more than a quick question or reply is always a good idea. Doing so has kept me from losing my compositions several times in the past. Otherwise, checking the 'remember me' box should keep you logged in until you clear your browser cookies. At that point, you have to login again, and check the remember me box again.

    That all said, I'm not a big fan of any of the desktop environments, although any of them work well enough that I could use them if absolutely necessary. My favorite option is a stand-alone window manager such as Openbox. There are no 'desktop environment choosers' that I'm aware of, other than the users themselves.

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    Yeah, aside from going into detail, I also have a sleep disorder so I*have been known on my own forum to take a couple of hours replying to a message because I fell asleep in the middle of composing it. Now that I know that there is a time limit on this forum, I will simply Use Notepad / the Linux counterpart to compose my messages first.

    I have noticed that the distros seem to favor certain desktop environments. I realized that basically these are the Linux counterpart to DOS Shell. Which I used until I found an Internet article that stated what I had begun to suspect. Windows is protect-mode DOS with a fancy DOS Shell. Unfortunately, Microsoft cannot seem to get it together anymore. They seem to find a good idea then either replace it with something that doesnít work or re-design it until it is no longer useful. And they seem to get worse with every new version.

    I just remembered a slogan for Linux I*thought of a couple of weeks ago while in a silly mood. Linux: Itís not about making money. Itís about making your computer run efficiently.

    Anyway, I liked being able to create desktop themes the way they were done in Windows ME. I could use my text editor to create the files from a template and create the icons and cursors with software from Axialis. So anything that enables me to do that again will become my choice.

    Moving my bookmarks, contacts, and other personal settings from Opera and IM applications is still a concern though. I am hoping this can be done easily.

    Also, is it really necessary to re-format the hard drive to install Linux or can it be installed without having to move my library and other folders?

    And what keeps causing an asterisk to appear after ďIĒ?

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