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    You also might like xfce its worth an install to see if you like it.

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    I've been using Linux Mint 14 for a few days... it's simply fantastic! You should give it a try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by electroman6913 View Post
    You also might like xfce its worth an install to see if you like it.

    xfce seems to be an excellent trade-off between features+candy and resource usage. I personally think that the "default" looks cheesy, but it can be customized to look really slick, so don't let that throw you off.

    More important to this thread, xfce hasn't changed in any drastic ways (as far as the actual interface goes) in several years, and as far I know (which isn't very far), I don't think there are plans for a major overhaul any time soon.

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    There's only one thing wrong with Linux
    lol... I wish there was only one thing wrong with linux, but it has plenty of problems, just not as many as certain other operating systems.

    On the changes taking place, if you've found something you really like and you don't want any changes to occur, it's best to stick with that distro (or release) for as long as possible before making any upgrades. Generally speaking, end users will always disagree about what is best and what is an actual improvement when changes are taking place, hence the need for so many users to feel that forks of various projects are in order, and needed.

    The other option that many end users take is to start distro-hopping in order to find the best option for them and their computer hardware. Even then, changes will eventually come, but you can refuse to upgrade, or start the distro-hopping process again. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to simply adapt to any and all changes that come along. Sometimes, it feels like things are changed simply to be different, not because they truly are better.

    In many ways, we are lucky to have a multitude of options available to us under Linux, so that more end users can hopefully find something they are comfortable with for the most part.

    Good luck to you with your efforts to find what you are looking for...

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    dont know about mint 14 havent tried it yet, but ive been using mint 13 cinnamon and i think its pretty good so far.

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