This isn't exactly a linux question but everyone here seems pretty knowledgable so i'll take a shot.

Here at work we want to run an openLdap server which contains information about the employees which should appear in a standard address book. We also plan to keep passwords and such in there for authentication purposes on our *nix machines.

Ok... so here comes a pain in the neck problem (aside from the 5 others we had extracting data from 4 different locations without a 'primary key').

We want address books to be visible in "Outlook 2003" (primary for most users), "Thunderbird" and "Evolution".

Here comes the kicker.... the way these three display the openldap fields appear to be completely asinine. (well i can't test evolution because i keep getting a "invalid uri or ldapserver unreachable error" [which if anyone can help with would be superb]) Openldap has a nice range of fields it can display, but some work in Outlook, others work in T-bird, and some don't work in either. I can ldapsearch our exchange server to get the ldif fields that outlook can see, i can also export a t-bird address book to get the ldif fields that it can see, but they all seem to be ones that aren't in the default openldap schemas. (Also, thunderbird uses different fields when running a "local" address book and looking up through a ldap server.... )

Can anyone point me in a good direction to go? Do we need more schemas? do we need to change some attribute names?

Surely somebody has done this kind of thing before and had success

The openldap server is running on Fedora Core 3