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Thread: AIX on linux

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    AIX on linux

    Hi all, pls i need information on how to load AIX on linux RedHat. Or perhaps a simulation of the AIX server, Thanks,

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    Hi and welcome

    I believe you cant.
    AIX runs primarily on non-x86 architectures, so virtualization on the x86 platform is not possible.
    For completeness sake, there was AIX PS/2 (AIX/386) which did run on x86, but this is from 1989.

    After a quick search, I also havent found any success stories about running a virtualized AIX on a powerpc machine.

    So imho there are two options:
    - migrate the aix applications/databases/tools you need to linux
    - buy AIX supported hardware and run AIX natively
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    AIX runs on PowerPC hardware. As Irithori said, not standard PC hardware (although Linux does run on that gear). It may be that the hardware emulator qemu can simulate a PowerPC system which you can then install AIX on. I don't know for sure because I never had to do that (I used to have an AIX workstation back in the early 1990's). Time for some Google searching I think. In any case, even if you can emulate the hardware, you still need a set of AIX installation media that will work in the emulated environment.
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