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    How to restore my RAID1

    Hello Boys and Girls!

    I made a BIG mistake,... trying to format an unused drive in my pc to install windows.
    I installed gparted and started it, while scanning my drives it told me something isn't right and asked me to repair the problem by moving something from the beginning of the drive to the end so that some OS can recognise the real size of it,... in trust it wouldn't do anything harmful i dumb dork pressed ok.

    After the next restart i realized that my RAID1 was missing,... Fedora is just listing the two drives but no block device.

    Now gparted says /dev/md126 is unallocated.

    Is there any chance to get my beloved files back?

    Thankful for any advice!

    greets rid

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    If you haven't caused too much damage, TestDisk is usually good for restoring lost partitions. I've never tried it on RAID systems so can't say if it will work, or not, but it's probably worth looking into:

    TestDisk - CGSecurity

    Documentation for using it can be found on the website linked above. There might be better options or simpler solutions available, so don't do anything before you are relatively sure about what you are doing.

    If you decide to try it, I'd recommend running it from a liveCD such as Parted Magic.

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