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    Extracting data from an image of a graph, is there software?

    Hello All, I go to a ton of conferences and get presentations with graphs that I would like to extract the data so I can analysis it with other tools. Generally, this is a slow process and I was thinking of writing a script that would put the image on a canvas, then I could use the mouse to click on the image axis (low and high ranges) for the X and Y limits (type in the scale) and then use the mouse to trace the curves on the graph. When done, just save the scaled "click data" as a CSV file. My question: Am I reinventing the wheel, is there software already out there that does this?

    If not, I'm a perl coder, I know I can use TKL to do something like this, but is there a better way?

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    I have to think someone has done this, but it would be a great self-teaching programming project!

    You can do this with matlab: How can I select multiple points using the Data Cursor and export the coordinates to the MATLAB workspace? - MATLAB & Simulink

    Wolfram Mathematica can do similar stuff. So far, I haven't found a generic Linux tool to do the same.

    Here is a Wikipedia article about the subject: Converting scanned graphs to data - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Navigating a couple of links from that article came up with this: Engauge Digitizer - Digitizing software

    Hope this helps somewhat. Just remember, Google is your friend in these sort of situations!
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    Good info to follow up on

    I googled with far less return, likely the way I phrased it... I just don't think like other people I guess.

    These were great links. I'm trying the last link now, crossing my fingers that it will do the basic stuff I'm looking for.


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