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    rsyslog not logging logger messages

    Hey people, first post around here (:

    On a openSUSE 12.1 box I tried to customize the file to log sshd-related messages. I made the mistake of installing syslog-ng when rsyslog was already installed because I first found instructions about doing it with syslog-ng.

    When I found how to do it in rsyslog, I removed syslog-ng but now I've got a weird situation. After some debugging and tons of google, the simplest problem case I could reproduce is this:

    If I run rsyslog with:
    /sbin/rsyslogd -c 5 -f /etc/rsyslog.conf
    And then issue a:
    logger "hello world"
    The message correctly appears on
    But if I run rsyslog with:
    systemctl start syslog.service
    And then issue the same logger command, it doesn't show up (among other messages like the sshd-related).

    The rsyslogd command I got it from looking at the output of:
    systemctl status syslog.service
    Any ideas on why this behaviour?

    Thanks in advance!

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    hello and welcome!

    the first thing i'd try is looking at how rsyslog is running, when systemctl starts it, and compare that to how u manually start it. so start it via systemctl, then do:

    ps auxww|grep syslog

    perhaps it is not reading the same conf file, or is passing some other parameter.

    also, in case u are running as a reg user, does the logger command not work as root?

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