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    'boot error' when trying to use Live USB with my Mum's Dell desktop!


    I made a live USB of Zorin OS 64bit with persistent storage for my Mum, so she can do internet banking and other sensitive stuff online a little more safely. I used UUI to create it.

    When I try and boot into this live USB, I get a 'boot error' message, immediately after the first 'Dell' splashscreen and nothing else.

    Her PC is a Dell Inspiron 545 desktop with Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.5Ghz and 3Gb RAM. It usually runs Windows 7 64-bit.

    It works perfectly from my own system (Lenovo Z570 laptop with Core-i5 second gen).

    I also tried a live USB I had already created with Fedora 17 (with persistent storage also) and the exact same thing happened. It too works fine on my machine.

    I checked the boot settings and other BIOS settings on her machine and can't see anything obvious that would cause this.

    So clearly the USB keys are fine and the creation of the live usbs worked fine. Would there be a particular reason why this wouldn't work with her machine? I know that its CPU is quite unusual; don't know if that would have anything to do with it.

    All suggestions appreciated!

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    Does the machine have UEFI or "Secure boot" in the BIOS? Is it a new machine?
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    Hi, I've only just noticed you response now. Thank you. I don't think it does have secure boot as it's 2 or 3 years old. I won't be at that computer for a while but next time I am, I'll report back.

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    What is the error? Or do you just get 'boot error'? Some computer (like mine) have multiple options for booting from usb. On mine, if I select to boot from usb under the CDROM heading it won't boot but if I make the same selection available under hard drive, it does. You might check that you have seen all the option. I don't have any other guesses about this problem.

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    USB booting may not be enabled in the BIOS. Check that out. You may need to do an F12 on boot to select the device specifically. Also, some BIOS's require that you boot a USB or CD/DVD device from the BIOS - my Intel motherboard workstation works that way - F12 only lets me boot from disc or network. My Dell D630 system lets me select USB with the F12 option.
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