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    How to get colour in a CLI terminal (for Vim)

    I am trying to set up a non-X basic development machine. It boots fine, but Vim is without syntax highlighting. After some hours of research, it looks very much like the non-X tty-something terminal does not support colours.
    echo $TERM && tput colors shows 'linux' and '8'

    How can I get a colourful terminal, so that we can as well use Vim syntax highlighting?

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    1) Enter the command:
    :syntax on
    For each session

    Or better yet.
    2) Edit your vimrc file (found in $HOME/.vimrc) to include:
    syntax on
    To change color scheme the command is "colorscheme" which takes a schemename as an argument. Enter the command as above. When in the editor, enter ":colors [tabkey]" to see a list of installed scheme names. For more color schemes see VIM Color Scheme Test - Java - Sat Sep 26 16:32:24 2009 to see java code highlighted in over 400 color schemes. Change the "java" to "c", "html","perl", or "tex" (LaTex) to see the syntax highlighting using those languages instead of java code.

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