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    Question Not beowulf but close - Can you slipstream MySQL 5.1?

    Hello everyone.

    Here is a first major question for all you people knowing about Linux in all it's forms and fashions.

    I am presently working on a delicate statistical system and to test the non-arithmetic nature of possible results in various Nth degree equations I use primarily MySQL 5.1 and (at the present) Windows VB Classic or .NET 4.5 based code to generate data for my lookup tables.

    These tables must then be traversed in square to validate my hypotheses and evaluate actual mathematical results later to be saved off to a primary server using MySQL.

    Now to speed things up a bit, since the whole process seems to take a few hundred years to do in its present form, I am about to rig up some ten to twelve old PC systems.

    What I would like to do to resolve fastest possible work and least load on the systems besides the actual data management is the following;

    a) Run the whole thing on bootable LINUX in any suitable form.
    b) Save off the traversed results only via LAN.

    Now here comes the big question without spending undue number of hours on searching through every individual distro there is;

    Is there a ready made Linux Distro, type Ubuntu, CentOS, Knoppix or anything else that already have a fully functional and suitable version of MySQL included and easily accessible without learning even more Linux before being able to get to do my real work?

    /alternatively: How would I go about slipstreaming a MySQL into my own bootable media in CD or DVD format?/

    Any tips and hints are greatly appreciated.
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