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    i really have in mind to start the lfs project....but no it seems difficult to me (i don't really knoe if there is much help in the internet to make it work).gentoo is a distro that makes you understand how stuff works in can try to install it and post some can find it here
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    Well gentoo linux does seem good, but is to big to download with dial-up, anyhow linux from scarcth does seem to be good, do the docs tell you how to write your own linux version from scartch?

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    dude500 I've read some of your other posts, and you are very new to the linux world, it seems. Trying to create your own distribution at such a time would not be much more than a giant headache which you'd probably quit on. Take these people's advice. Use an already existing distribution (there are something like 360 to choose from) to get familiar with Linux. You can get Linux either via download or actually ordering the CDs. (CDs are best for dial-up users as most linux distros are rather large, consisting of several discs. They're also very cheap)

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    I agree with i_r_root, you need to know more about Linux. I wouldn't try LFS with a dial-up connection either though, not unless you have access to a broadband somewhere else, as there are A LOT of packages to download. Gentoo is probably you're best bet, as you won't have to download a bunch of stuff you won't use, but it'll still take a long time.
    I looked into LFS, but it's too much work for features that gentoo mostly covers already, and gentoo comes with the excellent portage system to boot
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